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Myself and Andy both know, whatever natural health protocol your doing, unless you have key foundations, then that protocol will have less or more health benefits, depending on your key foundation, and in this blog are some of those main key foundations.

These are the 9 areas we will look at in this blog post.

  1. Your Mind Enemy Or Foe ?
  2. Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
  3. Food For you
  4. More Than Water
  5. State Change
  6. Exercise + Electrons
  7. Tonic Teas
  8. Spooky 2
  9. Clean Liver

All the steps here in this blog are in short condensed note form, if you would like to read Tony’s book Your Greatest Wealth, it goes into more detail on these 9 Steps, you can get a hard copy on amazon or your welcome to download the book for free, by clicking on the book image.

So lets begin 

1.Your Mind Enemy Of Foe

We believe by far, for most of our clients, the biggest factor that effects their health, is the stress in their heads.  This effects every system in their body from their digestive system to their immune system.

Every person we talk to on this subject generally wants to get to a place where they feel this sense of ok ness in their life, and they simply don’t do stress in their heads, yes their are challenges in life to be dealt with, which is normal, but this churning of old wounds, and inner conflict, and turning life into extra misery is the clear problem.

Below are some of the best ways we have found to unravel this churning of stress.

We need to start with the map of the brain, once you understand this step you can start to see which part of the brain your in.

1.THOUGHT PART  This is where you can think e.g. 1+1=2 , work out how to learn Spanish general thinking stuff.  (can you see this part?)

2.IMAGINATION PART This is where a lot of people do get trapped  spinning off into a Steven Spielberg special effect film, in a positive or negative state.  Most people go between the thinking part and the imagination part, and struggle to access the next part.  (can you see this part?)

3.INNATE INTELLEGENCE  This is the part you can feel when your in the zone, or when you feel in a meditative state , or just simply feeling calm. Once your chilling out in this part, the noise in your head quietens, you can just think and see things clearly. e.g. lets say your stressing  over something in your imagination part, this person did this, this person said that and your churning it. If you can take that step to rest in your innate intelligence, the churning slows down and you will start to access a wiser part of yourself that gives you a clear ah ha moment or insight that you did not get in those other two parts.

For example, if your tormenting yourself over a memory from over 18 months ago, and  you get a ah ha moment and you truly see that memories are not for tormenting yourself, and whether you did something wrong or someone else did something wrong, you now see that one of the keys to memories is to fully extract all the wisdom from whatever went wrong. And from this learning you can clearly  see how not to put yourself in that situation again. From that clear insight the tormenting part fades away and your left with the wisdom part.

You may have a hundred question on this, and  this is the turning point, the answers you are looking for are here at this point resting in your innate intelligence  Although the 3 principles are easy to explain to truly get it, may take some time, so if your interested to find out more I  recommended You Tubing The 3 Principles. This is the basic for understanding the map of your brain and consciousness

Master Perspective

This is very powerful. Lets say you can’t sleep and your going over something in your head, or during the day your getting over heated about something.  In this moment you can ask one powerful question. “Is what I’m thinking or feeling making myself happy? “ and then answer ,yes or no. If the answer is a  no ask yourself , how can you change the perspective to get a yes.

This question by passes the ego mind, that so often just wants to prove its right, which takes you away from the present moment. They say the longest journey you will ever make is from the head to the heart. You may not master this question on day one, yet over time you can master perspective, and know the true power of what is your Perspective in this moment. Two people in the same situation can have two completely different perspective. The magic is you can change your perspective.

I ‘am affirmations

Once you tune into your innate intelligence more, you wont need any outside affirmations because they will come from your innate intelligence. Yet I know it is not that simple for so many of us, and we may need a bit of extra help. So on You Tube you can find many Mind Movies for positive affirmations, here is one below, if you would like a look.

We recommended the  best time to watch or listen to a video like this could be just before you go to sleep, or listen to it with headphones as your going for a walk.

Pictures In Your Head and Words You Say

We consider Marisa Peer to be one of the best Rapid Transformational Therapist in the world.

One of the core messages I get from Marisa is how she simplifiers all this mind stuff ,into its really comes down to.


It really is this simple, yet to put it into practice is the skill, that I wished we where taught at school. Because in one way it does not matter what you do whether you get married, get divorced, live in the UK or live abroad, set up a business, close a business. Because all of these things you can do them in misery or with joy. Sure it is wise to make good decision’s in the first place, yet the insight here is can you live a happy life or are you over complaining and turning life into misery. This is the key problem e.g.  2 people could be in exactly the same situation one could be smiling and grateful the other complaining and in misery. This all comes down to details, if you have a issue, and you talk to this person and then that person and then another person, each time laying up the layers of negative details, it is simply wiring your neurula pathways in your brain to keep this loop going. (It is another matter talking to someone who can actually help as a train professional) But otherwise if someone simply asks you how is that problem going, you can simply say, it didn’t work out, and if they ask again , It just didn’t work out. ( Their is just very little detail ) you simply do not feed it. You can also see it as a hungry monster inside you and if you keep feeding it, it only gets bigger, and if you stop feeding it, it goes.

Marisa Peer has dozens of free videos on You Tube, and I highly recommend her, and her course is brilliant.


Wake Up Celebrating Life

Anita Moorjani story of how she healed her cancer is incredible. She has 3 tips on what she would of done differently if she knew what she knows now. In this video below she shares 3 absolute Dimond insights…


Lying to yourself or others is a slippery slope. Because if you lie to others the trust diminishes, because people know if they are being lied to, or they will more than likely find out one day. If you lie to yourself, the lie’s go even deeper in, causing even bigger problems latter down the line.

True friendship, Relationships, and healing are all based on honesty. But  Sadly in this world, it seems ok to lie, but if you tell the truth can back fire. So we have been caught up in such a tangle of lies that we have forgotten that the truth sets you free.

On the bigger picture, I think of the saying from the Native Indians, what effect do our actions in this moment, effect 7 GENRATIONS ahead of us, and if we are living lies, what hope do our future generations  have.

Is Your Mind/Body/Spirit Connected

In todays world, we look down at our phones more and more , and have less and less connection to the awe of life, and the fabric of this. Sadhu Guru video on this point , I think is brilliant.


Weekly Schedule

The last part to helping to heal the mind is create a weekly schedule that you love, or makes steps towards a weekly schedule that you love. What would you like to do this week ?

2.Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Having a good nights is one of the best things for your health. So here some of my favorite tips

  • Minimize caffeine, weather its black tea, coffee , chocolate, coke a cola, they all contain caffeine, unless its caffeine free version. If you are a caffeine lover, its best to have it before 11am so by the time you go to sleep it has worn off. To much caffeine can really upset the nervous system.
  • Have a really Good quality bed super comfy, this is one of the best investments you can make and with it have nice cotton sheets , and a super cool  pillow, the best one I’ve found is the  zero feeling from a brand called Phiten
  • Have a shower before bed, it seems to help clear all the energy from the day.
  • The brain loves satisfaction, which means if you can think of a few good things from this day that has brought you a sense of satisfaction, it helps to quieten the mind just before sleep, this is the opposite to churning over problems which their is no end to.
  • Seed thought. Try this just before you fall asleep, plant a seed thought, which means what ever is your last thought, germinates   as you sleep. Ideas could be I’m going to wake up excited for the day , I’m going to wake up with a smile, I’m going to wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Winding down. You can wind down in many ways, such as going in a massage chair, stretching, doing a yogi deep relaxation, if your living with someone giving each other a foot massage or having a CBD tea.
  • If you need some extra help with sleeping these supplement’s can possible help L Tryptophan , Gaba and Valerian.

3.Food For You

If you eat  one orange in  1920  you have to eat 8 oranges today to get the same mineral nutrient content. One of  the of the biggest problems we face as planet today is the quality of our soil. On top of this the average person has the size of a credit card worth of plastic in their body, with a whole host of other chemicals that is put into processed foods that should not be in peoples bodies. I believe so many of these chemical like glyphosates are possibly adding to peoples intolerances to foods, which hardly excited in the past.

The key tip I have on food , is keep it simple, avoid processed and refined foods e.g. white sugar, white flour  and eat fresh local organic produced foods and  listen to bodies whispers, which means, most people know what is good for them or not, if in doubt take an intolerance test. The issue here is that  foods, such as white sugar ,white flour, proceed foods and dairy have chemicals in them that make you want to eat more of them, they have a addictive quality that can make discernment of these foods more difficult.

If you have a gluten free intolerance, the best gluten free bread I found is from The Artisan Bread Company 

Plus we ve  created some PDF recipe handouts, if you would like, just click below to get the handout…

Healthy Breakfast 

Healthy Mains 

Healthy Deserts 

Seed Bread 

Fermented Veg 

4. More Than Water

Tap water, has a whole host of chemicals in it, that I think are best avoided if possible. The simple solution is get two Brita water filters and filter the water twice. From this point you have very clean drinking water, which you can add some Fluvic minerals from Ancient Purity, if you wish. From this point you can energize the water with the spooky2 which we will come to soon, or plus, you can add active hydrogen gas to the water, from using one of our H2=E hydrogen pods. All these tips makes your drinking water much more than a standard tap water. Your body is mainly water, so getting this right makes sense.

5.State Change

Tony Robins the billionaire world famous life coach has a cold plunge pool in all of his proprieties, and it is non negotiable for him, to start every morning going into his cold water plunge pool. And he says  “Most morning he says he does not want to do it.”  Yet the effect afterwards is a state change for him”

Their are many health benefits from plunging into cold water, from opening and expanding your cells , moving minerals and lymph around your body. Most people feel the benefits very quickly, from uplifting their mood, to feeling sharper on their game.

Tony has got a small paddling pool with cold water which he goes into everyday, normally its quick 60 seconds or so, it has been shown the the optimal time, is up to 2 minutes to get the full health benefits.  If you live in a block of flats you could use just a large bucket of cold water in the shower, which would give you a similar result.

From doing the plunge pool , I also do a 10 minute session of the Wim Hoff breath work. Many Yogic teachers included Sadh Guru , will say that the slower and steadier your breath you will live longer, and its common sense if you have a swallow breath you will probably have more anxiety and if you have more anxiety you age quicker. Breathing has a profound effect on your state, the best method I’ve come across is the Wim Hoff breath. If you would like to try it here is the You Tube

So this breath stuff  is something very powerful, and their are 2 ways looking at this, this strong powerful breath like this Wim Hof method and the slow steady breath as explained below. I believe both have their place.


6. Exercise + Electrons

As you can see these tips our based on simple key foundations to health and wellbeing, and any form of exercise you enjoy, weather it is badminton, tennis ,Gardening, dancing , Yoga, going to the gym all of them have many health benefits from  producing happy hormones, to releasing stress, to increasing your metabolism. So what ever you enjoy I encourage you to fit in some exercise and stretching into your daily routine. The added plus if you go for a walk , run, or cycle in nature, you will also absorb negative electrons. Negative electrons are generated from water falls and  trees for you to breath in, and if you stand bare foot on the ground you also absorb negative electrons. All your cells run on energy and its these electrons that help this process. Electrons are a key foundation to your health and our often over looked. So get your daily electrons !

7. Teas Tonics

If you know a few herbs, it can help you enormously. If you have high blood pressure and you heart is over beating, a Hawthorn tea can help. If you looking for that alert caffeine feeling and a relaxed feeling at the same time Guayas tea is for you. If your a bit down  a cup of saint johns wort. If your feeling depleted in energy make a Jing herbal drink, if you go to a company called Jing Herbs, they have some of the best quality herbs I’ve come across.  If you would like some Jing Herb recipes I’ve created a pdf file here which you can download

Many yogis start the day with a cup of neem and turmeric tea, it may not at first taste so good, but the health benefits to the colon are huge, from anti fungal , to anti inflammatory, and what we find is as soon as you feel the benefits, the the strong taste turns into something you look forward to.

8.Spooky 2

I’ve tried a lot of health gadgets out, and the spooky 2 is something special, their is no affiliate link here, I’m just recommending something, I would recommend to my clients and  friends. I use this pretty much every few days. In short it creates a energy field between the 2 boxes, and in the field you can add any rife frequency, from helping to ease constipation , to easing a headache to simply helping you to relax, the amount of different program on it are in the hundreds. On top of that you can make a scan of your body, working out which frequency are best for you.

9. Clean Liver

The gallbladder can get clogged up with lots of small soft gall stones, and their is method to flush out the gall bladder of these small soft stones and ,on Page 82 of my book Your Greatest Wealth , is the full instruction how to do a liver flush, you can down load the book for free here DOWNLOAD FULL BOOK HERE

I’ve got 9 health hacks here ,yet one more I want to squeeze in, which is, I believe pretty much everyone needs to supplement with, useless your getting it from your food or the sun. Is a  daily supplement of D3 K2 combined , Iodine, and omega 3 oil.


Their are many more health hacks out their,  we have found that the above 9 health hacks can make a profound difference to people lives.

So we hope you have got some extra inspiration from this blog.

To your health and happiness

The Alchemy Team

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