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About Antony Taylor

Tony opened The Alchemy Room in 2017.With the Goal to help our clients improve their health and wellbeing from combining the best of what he has learnt over 20 years in natural health care.

Tony's Story 

In 1988 at the age of 14, Tony was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and although he did all the main steam conventional drugs with Steroids and Immune Suppressants, which did help, keep some of the symptoms at bay, yet the symptoms kept flaring up in cycles over the years.

From an early age of around 17 years old, Tony started getting really interested in what could also help him manage these symptoms alongside his main stream treatment.

Food seemed a good place to start so, alongside his main job, which was a handbag designer. He did a part-time one-year course in Food Energetics and Nutrition with the International Macrobiotic School in Bath in 2000. He found Shiatsu massage really helped and completed a 3-year Diploma in Shiatsu in 2002. He also found Yoga helped and completed a 3-year diploma in Dru Yoga in 2008.

In 2010 Tony was diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine. At which point, he decided that the best decision was to have part of his colon removed which was a successful operation, and gratefully thanks the NHS Medical team for all their dedicated work and experience.

Now 10 years on Tony has been all clear and enjoys his life with his wife Alejandra and their 2 children Kerim and Maya.

In the pervious 5 years Tony has been studying and integrating, Hormone Testing, AIC Therapy, Hydrogen, and Ozone Therapy .In 2018 he qualified as a Phlebotomist in the UK, and has assisted GP Doctors in  PRP plasma rich platelets treatments and taking blood samples.

He has also studied natural medicine around the world, from China to Mexico and has trained with Mansukh Patel, Wim Hoff, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mantak Chia, Ai Ping, Shaolin Monks, Tony Robbins and  Marisa Peer.

Throughout this time, the question he asked himself was. "If I was not born with ulcerative colitis what caused it when I was 14". From this question, it drove his passion looking for answers.

He has realised that a lot of the answers are really simple, such as  balancing harmful calcium levels, helping clear out harmful toxins, getting a good sleep, living a life that brings a lot of  joy, eating well, having a healthy microbiome, good exercise, having a good mind set being part of the local community and having great friendships.

Yet as simple as that is to write these simply answers, to implement them, is another matter. This is what Tony specialises in now, putting these  foundations together in a clear and effective way to help his clients reach their health goals.

A lot of Tony's clients like following his recommendations, as not only as he has been through health challenges him self and has come through them, he genuinely walks his talk. He makes these health and well-being tips that he recommends come to life and presents them in a easy way to understand and implement.

To Your Health & Happiness

Antony, Alejandra , Kerim and Maya


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