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About The Alchemy Room

The Alchemy Room was opened in 2017. With the Goal to hep our clients improve their health and wellbeing using natural health protocols

Between Antony and Andy their is 50 years of experience working with natural health and fitness. Antony and Andy have been friends for over 18 years, and it is both their absolute passion helping their clients improve their overall health and wellbeing.

About Andy Morey

I have now spent over 25 years working in health & fitness. My early years were more sports & fitness related as I worked as a sprint specialist coach developing young athletes to County, Regional & National Level. I spent a season (1993-94) working for Torquay United and have also been the ‘Strength & Conditioning’ coach for Newton Abbot Swimming Club. In 2014 I became the Head of Sports Science for the Torquay United Youth Academy, a role the continued until the academy was closed. I have worked in London as a Personal Trainer where I also ran a very busy GP ‘Exercise Referral Scheme’ in Islington. As a Sprinter & Long Jumper I reached National level, jumping over 7 meters in the Long Jump and running 10.8s for the 100mCompeting as an over 40, I have won a National title and also placed in the top 15 in the world rankings for Long Jump.


In 2002 I started working with Electro-Medicine technologies such as ‘Electro-Physiological Biofeedback’, Bio resonance and Photon Generator I have found these to be a very powerful tools for helping people to charge-up and restore health.

Medical Thermal Imaging

This is my most recent screening tool added to The Alchemy Room and can be very useful at pinpointing focal locations in the body where there are problems.

Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis is tool that can help to evaluate the deeper and often chronic health patterns that a person may be dealing with. Hair analysis is the central tool when I am helping clients who are dealing with long term problems such as fatigue, immune issues, hormonal issues, pain and inflammatory conditions

Aches & Pains

Helping clients to resolve their Aches & Pains is my primary work I have qualified in the Bowen Technique, Advanced Bowen and Fascial Bowen which I combine with Neuro-Skeletal therapy and AMN kinesiology as my main tools for resolving aches & pains.

I often use Bio resonance Testing to help evaluate potential nutritional deficiencies. Once a month I perform a day of testing at Nature's Bounty, contact the shop to book

A large part of my rehabilitation work is using correctional exercises to help clients to restore physical function. I have qualified in ‘Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation’ with the CHEK Institute & also Hannah Somatics.

Nature's Bounty

I have been working at Nature's Bounty for over 10 years. I currently work Friday's, so if you would like to chat in person feel free to pop into the shop. I always recommend that all my clients buy their supplements from Nature's Bounty due to their very specialised range of products. Nature's Bounty stock the very high quality Metabolic range of supplements which you will not find in any other shop.


I teach weekly Dru Yoga Classes, which is a soft & flowing style of Yoga. Classes are Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 10.15am - Broadmeadow Sports Centre, Teignmouth. Also, Tuesday evening at 5.45pm - Newton Abbot Leisure Centre. I also hold occasional workshops throughout the year on Rehabilitation, Fit ball, Core-Stability and Hannah Somatics.

About Antony Taylor 

In 2000 I completed a  one-year course in Food Energetics and Nutrition with the International Macrobiotic School in Bath. In 2002  I completed a 3-year Diploma in Shiatsu in 2002. In 2008 I completed a 3-year diploma in Dru Yoga and Soma Yoga.

In the pervious 5 years Tony has been studying and integrating, hormone testing AIC Therapy, Ozone Therapy and Hydrogen Therapy. In 2018 I qualified as a Phlebotomist in the UK, and has assisted GP Doctors in PRP plasma rich platelets treatments and taking blood samples.

I have  also studied natural medicine around the world, from China to Mexico and has trained with Mansukh Patel, Wim Hoff, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mantak Chia, Ai Ping, Shaolin Monks, and  Tony Robbins.

In 2021 I moved with my wife Alejandra and 2 children Kerim and Maya to Mexico Puebla and I am creating a clinic here with the same protocols. Andy is in charge in the UK, and we work as a team, each week we have a what's app call going through all our clients, and each week we keep refining are practice and service to our clients.



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