Strengthening Your Well-Being     

At The Alchemy Room we look at what are some of the best ways we can possibly help support our clients while they are going through a mainstream cancer treatment regime. Our aim is to help strengthen our clients overall health and well-Being, and we have found these 7 areas can possible help...

  1. AIC Therapy
  2. Hormone Testing
  3. Ozone Steam Sauna
  4. Hydrogen Therapy
  5. Nutritional Advice
  6. Tonic Teas
  7. Probiotics
  8. State of Mind, Deep Relaxation, Good Sleep

Please check with your Doctor or Oncologist if any of these suggestion may be suitable for you.

What Possibly Causes Cancer ?

Although we may not be able to accurately say scientifically what causes cancer, their are often a number of factors sometimes over a long period time, that could contribute to cancer. This is a valid point to look at, to see a educated possible cause.

These are the possible culprits...

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Low Oxygen levels
  • High Acidity in the intestinal fluid
  • Chronic Stress
  • Chronic Calcification
  • Toxic build up, from pesticides, water, air EMF's
  • Lack of hydration
  • Carrying Emotional Stress
  • Imbalance in Microbes of parasites, fungus, viruses

Our aim is to help reverse some of these possible factors, and support the body as much as possible.


P53 Gene & AIC Therapy 

Understanding the effect of the P53 on cancer is crucial in order to help heal cancer.  When the P53 gene is malfunctioning it is one of the big causes why tumours grow, and AIC Therapy has been shown in 10 years of  medical research, that AIC therapy can help repair a damaged P53 gene. If you would like to learn more about this topic, if you click the image below it will take you to our blog post on...

Hormone Testing

A huge corner stone possibly behind any major chronic health issue is more than likely a hormonal imbalance. The problem is correct testing and being diagnosed  is often over looked.

According to Sir Dr. R. I. S. Bayliss a famous Endocrinologist with the foremost Lister Hospital in London, England, Endocrinologist to the British Royal Family - “All Thyroid blood tests are not accurate in determining the thyroid function”. The only way to determine thyroid disease is from reflexes and

18% of the thyroid hormone (T3) can be found in the blood!! So the chances of detecting Thyroid disorders in the blood are low, as it is not comprehensive enough. However we offer the Thyroflex tests that shows with a 98.5% chance of getting it correct. ( we have this result from scientific data on over 2200 people followed up over 3 year period)

With starting with looking at the Thyroid testing and then look at balancing the other glands. To find out more here is our page on Thyroid testing.


What we are mostly known for at The Ozone Spa, is our Hocatt Ozone steam sauna. A common feature of most tumours is a low level of oxygen, called hypoxia. A conclusions in a medical trail with Ozone showed. Invitro and animal studies, as well as isolated clinical reports, suggest the potential role of ozone as an adjuvant therapy during radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

Ozone therapy has been used since 1885. How much can Ozone session scientifically help a client we do not know for certain, yet the evidence shows that ozone therapy could possible help strengthen the body's overall well-being as it can  kill harmful viruses and bacteria and help to clear out toxicity.

To find out more about our ozone steam sauna sessions please click on the image below...

If you would like to read a medical paper on ozone therapy here is a link. Ozone therapy: A clinical review

Hydrogen Therapy Growing evidence has shown that hydrogen gas can either alleviate some of the side effects caused by conventional chemotherapeutic, or suppress the growth of cancer cells, suggesting its broad potent application in clinical therapy. This was shown from  US National Library of Medicine in a paper called  Hydrogen Gas in Cancer Treatment

At The Ozone Spa we do give Hydrogen Therapy, to find out more please go to our Hydrogen Treatment page 

Nutritional Advice There's so much confusing information what is the best diet for healing the body, and there are lots of different views. Yet if we take the over view.

Pretty much all the nutritional guidelines say avoid refined sugar, avoid processed foods, eat organic where possible, eat plenty of vegetables, if you eat meat get good quality organic meat, avoid non organic refined flours, drink filtered water and have a well balanced diet full of fresh local produce and the key point is aim for quality produce.

There are many books that go into this in more depth. One point we would like to make, is that if your stressing yourself out worrying what to eat, even if you have the most healthy plate of food in front of you, the stress will counterbalance the health benefits, so if your clever with your cooking you can make healthy food taste better than a ready made micro waved meal. Here are two recipe book recommendations, if you would like some more recipe ideas.


Chinese Medicine Food Tip

With food there is not a one size fit all, and there are many issues to consider. As in Chinese medicine sometimes the body has what is called damp heat in the body and then different guidelines need to be applied. This is when it is very useful combining Chinese medicine into a protocol. As the Chinese look at the energetic effects of foods. Plus if you know their is too much damp heat in your body these herbal teas can be very beneficial, sassafras and osha root. Damp heat in the body is often overlooked, yet can easily be balanced.

The Amazing Bread Tip  Bread is often one of those things many people crave, yet if you are going organic and gluten free, in the general shops there are not to many, if any good options. So we have found one company that we think makes the best bread, plus its super healthy. There is not an affiliate link here, we are just sharing a good tip. It's called Artisan Bread Organic

You can order online and they deliver. Our suggestions is buy a few different types of bread and see which loaves you like the best. Then you can maybe buy 12 loaves, then slice them and freeze them, and then just take out however many slices you like.

Tonic Teas What we have seen with so many clients, is that they become health supplement junkies, racing around the country or the world looking for remedies to help them. Many of these supplements are brilliant, yet putting together a protocol needs to be done by an expert in this field and then it needs checking with your Doctor.

Saying that their are some great tonic teas, which are generally accepted by most Doctors and Oncologists , yet please do double check.

Ashwagandha is a herb with many health benefits. It can help reduce anxiety and stress, help fight depression, boost fertility and testosterone in men, and even boost brain function. It is one of those herbs that can help lift your energy levels and has a nice balance effect. All herbs come in different qualities if you buy really poor quality herbs, then don't expect such a good results.

We tend to recommend more powdered herbs than in capsule form as with many herbs as you simmer them for a few minutes it releases more of the health benefits, when you taste the herb you can tell the quality, rather than having a capsule your not tasting anything, plus capsule often have nasty fillers in them. A cup of hot ashwagandha with a couple of stevia drops is really nice stratifying  drink.

Astragalus is very similar to ashwagandha. For more than 2,000 years, astragalus has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Because of its powerful ability to stimulate the body’s immune system, this herb is particularly valuable for fighting disease and strengthening the body. Astragalus may enhance overall health by improving a person’s resistance to disease, increasing stamina and promoting general well-being.Again like ashwagandha you can put half to one full teaspoon of Astragulus in hot water a dash of coconut milk and some stevia drops to sweeten it.

Milk Thistle Milk thistle supplements may help protect the kidneys and liver during chemotherapy, again you can make a cuppa tea with it.

Ginkgo Biloba is a great herb for helping to strengthen the brain. Ginkgo Biloba also has an antioxidant effect. It make a great cup of tea, with a couple of drops of stevia if you would like it sweeter.

We have created with the help from two qualified Chinese herbalists from Jing Herbs, some really tasty nourishing drinks. These recipes are amazing and this is a free download if you would like it. Simply click on the image.

Probiotics  In a science paper Probiotic Bacteria: A Promising Tool in Cancer Prevention and Therapy It found probiotic bacteria have the ability to both increase and decrease the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines which play an important role in prevention of carcinogens. They are also capable of activating phagocytes in order to eliminate early-stage cancer cells.

Healthy Probiotics are clearly essential, yet a course of antibiotics can wipe out the healthy bacteria in your gut. We have found this probiotic supplement to be one of the best Gut re-conditioners, it is called Micro Max.

To purchase this supplement you can order it directly from the Really Healthy Company based in London, they have been making supplements for over 29 years now. If you click the image it will take you straight to their website.

At the CHECKOUT in the shopping basket, if enter "THEOZONESPA" as the "practitioner's reference code" you will get an extra 5% discount on your order.

Mind Over

I really believe epigenetics is one of the biggest factors in healing and living a life to the full.
Epigenetics, if you don't know is a scientific word for how your words, your thoughts and pictures in your mind effects your genes. What scientists are discovering is that their is a lot less genetic illness being passed onto the next generation than first thought, yet rather what is being passed on is negative emotional stress habits and negative lifestyle habits that are causing illness and disease.
So what is the answer? We are in the process of developing a range of blogs to help strengthen your mind and in turn strengthen your epigenetics.  So here is the first  blog if you would like a look , please click the image below to help strengthen your mind on healing your body...

Plus there are a handful of incredible teaches that have inspired us, so we naturally would like to share these insight and amazing people. Here in this selection of some of books and teachers.

The Radical Remission Project

One brilliant example of healing is The Radical Remission Project.

The Radical Remission Project was born out of Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD’s dissertation research on Radical Remission (RR). As Dr. Turner began to research RR as part of her PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, she realised that the opinions of two groups of people were typically missing from the 1,000+ cases of RR published in medical journals  the survivors themselves, and  alternative healers. Because Western doctors do not currently have an explanation for why RR’s occur, Dr. Turner decided to ask these two ignored groups what they think can lead to a Radical Remission. Her dissertation research involved a year-long trip around the world during which she travelled to 10 different countries in order to interview 20 Radical Remission survivors and 50 alternative healers about their techniques for healing cancer. Since then, her research has continued, and Dr. Turner has now analysed over 1,500 cases of Radical Remission.

These are the nine key factors she discovered in her research in Radical Remissions.

  • Radically changing their diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Have a strong reason for living


MIND OVER MATTER  You may of heard stories of a women lifting up a car to save her child. To Anita moorjani story of her healing her cancer as she went into a near death experience.

We believe we have more capabilities than we can possible image when it comes to mind over matter. Their are some exceptional teachers in this field such as Dr.Joe Dispenza, and he has plenty of free content on YouTube and if like what he is sharing I think you will find his meditation CD's brilliant. Like all these tips on mind over matter , the secret is consistency and adding it into your daily routine and adapting it so you love it and enjoy it, otherwise it is not going to work.

One of the insights Tony heard from Dr.Joe Dispenza who has also studied people who have had radical remissions, is that when he interviewed  some of these people who had radical remissions.

What many often said, was that they got to a stage in their healing, where they let go of gasping for the end outcome, and they where at ease with all they had learnt from the health challenge it self and it was at that point, that they got the radical remission diagnosis.

We think Dr. Joe Dispenza work on studying neuroplasticity is Phenomena and he is well worth checking out.


On an emotional level their are often 2 statements that come up with many health challenges which are " I  do not feel safe in this world " and  "I'm Alone" and if this is a background program in the brain, the question is how on earth is the body going to heal with feeling not at ease with yourself. Again this can affect the fight and flight nervous system.

Voted one of the best Therapist in the UK is Marisa Peer, has really inspired our team at The Ozone Spa, she has lots of incredible Free mini videos on YouTube to help you turn around these Emotional blocks. Here is a one of her videos, and  if you like her teachings, there are plenty more amazing free talks on You Tube from her.

Wim Hoff Breathing Technique 

This dude we recommend to so many people, here is the video to get you started below. If you like this video, it is well worth checking out other free videos on YouTube with him.

This breathing technique will flood your body with oxygen, which cancer does not like. Your anxiety will reduce and your immune system will be stronger and it is all free and under your nose.

Good Quality Sleep 

Cancer nearly always follows an endocrine dysfunction, triggered by stress, so you need to support the adrenals and make sure you are getting a good quality sleep, if you click the picture , it take you to our free blog on how to get the best night sleep.



We believe that cancer can be an opportunity to reset and redirect the course of your life, and bring more pleasure and joy into your life, as trivia goes out of the widow. The golden key is your health begins with your imagination, so image right now, how great you will feel with vibrant health and feel and see it now, and the healing journey begins.

Also if you are looking for support online there is a great Facebook group called Cancerucan

We hope this page has be useful for you.

If you have any questions or would like any of the treatments on this page please contact us

To the greatest health and happiness you can imagine

Antony Taylor & Alejandra Garcia

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