If you are interested in anti ageing, at The Alchemy Room we have 5 ways to help you feel and look younger, which are...

  • AIC Therapy
  • Thyroid Balancing
  • Hydrogen Therapy & C60
  • Aqua Peel Facials  
  • Ozone Steam Sauna 

AIC  Therapy

A long term, follow up study done in Denmark for 35,000 people revealed that the people with strong bones in their 50’s lived 11.6 years longer.

AIC Therapy can rebuild your bone density to that of a healthy 35 year old. AIC Therapy has be shown in numerus case studies to reverse the T-Score count from someone with osteoporosis , back to normal range of a healthy 35 year old.

It is not just about healthy bone structure with AIC Therapy , it is also about decalcifying your cells, and AIC Therapy can also do this, so then this helps your cells to work as smoothly as they can. If you would like to learn more about this incredible breakthrough  please go to our AIC Treatment page by clicking here

Thyroid Balancing

If your feeling sluggish, your feel anxious, have trouble sleeping, or sleeping to much, it is a possible sign that you have a hormone imbalance.  Having to much thyroid hormone or to little can make your life miserable , and this is often misdiagnosed. We have a FDA Approved method of testing Thyroid function and we work with fully qualified medical Doctors to help rebalance hormone levels using the best of natural medicine and main stream medicine. If you would like to learn more please click here to go to our Thyroid page.

Hydrogen & C60 Is A Revolution In Longevity

If I had to point to one molecule which stood out as a anti aging molecule it would be Hydrogen. In China and Japan, they have been breathing in Hydrogen gas , drinking h2 water and bathing in H2 water for over 20 years, from following over 1000 scientific papers that is showing hydrogen helps to  clears up harmful free radicals and helps reduce inflammation. If You would like to find out more please click this link here

Why We Combine H2 With C60?

The extra tip we use is combining hydrogen therapy with Carbon 60 also known as C60. C60 in is made from less than 1 % of activated charcoal, and this very powerful molecule that has shown in a rat study, that rats given C60 lived to almost twice their age.

Carbon 60 is best friends with Hydrogen because C60 carries 57 Hydrogen Molecules and helps disputes these hydrogen molecules throughout the body. You can think of C60  like a slow release supplement of hydrogen.

This video is from David Wolff one of the world's leading longevity experts. On his video he talks  about C60 as one of the best anti ageing supplements their is.

Aqua Bella Facial

On our travels to a very well known beauty clinic in Mexico, we had a Aqua Bella facial treatment, and after it, we both said this Aqua Bella treatment was one the best facial treatment we have ever had.

From talking to the beautician she was telling us how the Aqua Bella which is a relatively small piece of equipment performs equally well to some to much bigger and much more expensive facial treatments, we were really impressed, so we have bought a Aqua Bella for The Alchemy Room for our clients.

An Aqua Bella facial  makes your face feel really fresh, it cleans all the pores very deeply and  helps sucks out any blackheads, we finish the treatment with a rejuvenating face mask. The results are an instant glow.

To learn more about this treatment please click our Aqua Bella Treatment Page 

Ozone Steam Sauna Detox From The Inside Out

Ozone, is a condensed molecule of between 3 to 21 molecules of oxygen, the air we breathe contains 2 molecules of oxygen. All around the world water companies use Ozone to purify water so that it is drinkable. Some farmers have infused  Ozone into their soil if it has become contaminated and from this process farmers have been able to help reduce contaminants in their soil, and grow healthier crops.

The same health benefits happen when ozone is absorbed in the bloodstream. This extra oxygen molecule acts as a anti fungal ,anti virus, and anti bacteria to harmful bacteria in helping clean the blood system. Ozone therapy helps to clean the body from the inside out.

One of the comments we often hear from our clients who have just come out of  a Ozone Steam Sauna session is that they feel really fresh and clean afterwards.

Many of our clients say that a monthly ozone treatment, helps them reduce joint pain and helps them perform better at work, and some say an Ozone Treatment is like getting the same results  from going on a detox diet for a few days, without the hard work.

To find out more about our Ozone Treatments please click on our Ozone Treatment page here 

Preventive Medicine 

These are our top 5 ways that we help our clients with anti-aging, the key point is everything we do at The Alchemy Room will help with anti-aging, on a deeper level we like to see this also as preventive medicine , which in our opinion  is the smart way to think about your health. Because nothing in a way is more valuable than your health.

To your health and happiness

Tony and Alejandra



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