Aqua Peel Facial

What is Aqua Peel Facial 

On our travels to a very high end  beauty spa in Mexico we had an Aqua Peel facial treatment, we where so impressed we knew many of our clients would love this, so now we offer this amazing facial treatment at The Ozone Spa.

An Aqua-Peel beauty treatments is a non-abrasive, all-liquid facial system is the newest approach to cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate the skin. Aqua-Peel is a non-abrasive all liquid, vacuum assisted facial specially formulated to treat all skin types.

This Aqua-Facial System deep cleans, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin in just one easy step.

Aqua-Peel Is For Anyone That Wants...

•Less blackheads and acne

•Skin tone improvement

•Fine lines and wrinkle reduction

•Improved skin hydration

•Overall rejuvenated skin


Aqua Bella


  • 30 Minutes Aqua Bella Plus 15 Minutes with a collagen Face Mask
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