Hydrogen Therapy At Home

We also offer our clients a way of having effective daily hydrogen therapy in their own homes.

We have been supplying our clients with Hydrogen machines since 2017, and over the years we have learnt a lot about hydrogen therapy, and our goal to our clients is to make Hydrogen Therapy easy to understand and easy to use.

Why Do I Need Hydrogen Therapy ?

In short your body is already full of hydrogen, actually 62% of your body by volume is Hydrogen, 24% Oxygen, 12% carbon and 2% is everything else. So you may ask, why do I need hydrogen therapy and is it backed up by science.

Hydrogen has two forms Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen Trapped in water as H20. About 60% of the human body, is made up of water, and this is where your hydrogen is stored, in the state of water hydrogen is not an effective antioxidant. As soon as Hydrogen is released from the water or food we eat then it is, in the active state Hydrogen Gas is a very effective antioxidant, and it is in this state the the scientific research and studies have been done.

With modern technology, with a Hydrogen Machine , we can extract the Hydrogen gas from water. Once we have the gas , we can either breath it in, or bubble it into water and drink it.

Over 20 years their have been over 1500 Scientific Published Studies, on over170 different disease models, and on over 90 Human studies. Hydrogen Therapy is clearly showing Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory properties. The possible uses of this tiny yet mighty element are huge, as you will discover, on our site.

What We Like About H2 Therapy

Is that their are no know side effects, it is extremely safe. A lot of the time it is very gentle and the effects are small and steady, and sometimes if you have a virus or chronic health issue the positive results can be felt much more rapidly.

Our Hydrogen Therapy Website

We where going to try to squeeze in all the information about Hydrogen Therapy on this site, yet we decided it would be clearer to solely dedicate a website to Hydrogen Therapy.

 If you would like to visit our Hydrogen Therapy website to find out more please click here … www.H2EPod.com


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