Happiness Or Inner Contentment

Happiness Or Inner Contentment

Often when you really ask someone, what is really important to them in their life, they will often say it is about feeling happy, yet when you dig a bit deeper, experiencing inner peace or inner contentment is one of the most treasured feelings. Yet it often eludes us. In this Gangster Buddha blog, we will look at what are some of those secrets to experiencing more happiness or more inner contentment in your life.

The Benefits Of Happiness

There are many benefits to feeling more happy. Your immune system is stronger. You live longer. You live more in the present moment  so you experience life more richly.Your more likely to have better relationships. Your more likely to be successful. You are more deeply committed to lifelong goals. Your probably better at negotiating deals and pretty much every area of your life is benefited from you feeling happy or at peace with yourself. So no wondered is it is such a treasured emotional state.

In this video from Robert Waldinger, he share the insights learned from the longest study on happiness.

In this video from Sonja Lyubomirsky, she has studied in depth what what determines happiness and has simplified it here in this video…

So What Sabotages Your Happiness?

It is predicted by 2030 suicide is going to be one of the biggest causes of death in the young adults as well as road traffic accidents. Depression is clearly on the rise especially with all these challenging times with the corna virus.

The causes of the increase of depression are many. From the fast pace lifestyle, to extreme high expectations in careers that people have little or no passion for. To less face to face social interactions. To an increase of isolated social media interactions, where people often show a false sense of reality where everyone else is extremely happy and living this most amazing lifestyle.Sadly this can breed the thought that you’re missing out, that the grass is greener on the other side and a sense of entitlement that you should have it as well.Whereas, in real life, life has its ups and downs, there are struggles and challenges.

Then to add food to the depression, some peoples knee jerk reaction to feeling this unhappiness,  is that they turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the unhappiness out, the problem here is when you numb the pain out, you numb other things out especially your inner peace.

Then to top that off. We can be bombarded from many angle  from highly paid advertises  whose job is to make us feel unhappy unless you buy their product. There is nothing wrong with material things until you caught in the trap. Those things will bring you happiness.

The other downside to being caught in the materialistic trap is you will constantly be chasing the next toy the next thing and there is literally no stopping point, the bar just gets higher. The side effect of this is often this causes people to care less about the community, other people and environment, which all contain elements to inner happiness.

This video shows you the high price of materialism…

What’s The Good News?

Through scientific research, they have worked out there are 3 key factors for you experiencing more inner happiness or inner peace in your life, which are…

  • 50 % comes  from your genetics, this is lifestyle conditioning, inherit traits from our parents DNA
  • 40% Is controllable, that means you have a choice, to be a grumpy fuck
  • 10% is about your situation, where you live, your job, your relationships, your health etc.

So in a nutshell, the power is within.


Less Is One Of The Secrets

The real secret here is LESS if you can find happiness in the little things from having a cup of tea with a friend to enjoying a walk along the beach, barefoot with feeling the warmth of the sun. You will tap into your inner peace. Many things that are completely free often brings the biggest sense of inner contentment.


If you can simply work for enjoying your work, without grasping for the results or the fruits, it simply takes a lot of unnecessary pressure off.

In this highly competitive world, we often get caught up aiming for the end goal, rather than enjoying the whole journey.

Tell Me What Is The Secret?

The secret is, in this moment right now. How are you right now ? Is your mind over processing? Or are you feeling your heartbeat, breathing this air, smelling the freshly brewed coffee?  Or are you still angry with someone who wronged you 12 years ago? Or do you feel really alive?

You can be in two places either trapped in your mind overthinking or experiencing this moment, and it does not take a rocket scientist to work out which one brings you more happiness.

The real secret is do you know how to make that shift, and that secret is already with you. You may find it with doing nothing, you may find it in your breath, you may find it resting in your innate intelligence, and these are all doorways and their are many. The secret is to craft your skill of being in this moment and the next moment, and then an aliveness rises up from within. It gets to a point where you don’t need to read a blog about this, you naturally have it already. Then you naturally know what to do, where to go, what to say, because it comes from your whole being that is infinitely wise.

Your Happiness Assignment

Happiness is an inside job The thing is how do you choose more of it , or how do you cultivate more of it. The problem is few people truly realize it is something worth cultivating, as soon as that light bulb goes off, that it is truly worth cultivating, that is the switch that turning on your inner light.

Here are some tips for you to test out to see if you can increase your happiness rating.

  1. Develop your morning and evening practice from previous blogs
  2. Follow your happiness, whatever make you happy go in that direction
  3. Learn how to say a clear yes and clear no
  4. Once you have worked out what make you happy, make sure you have it as a priority
  5. Be the first to say hello, good evening, good afternoon if your greeting someone
  6. Your home environment can have an effect on your happiness, so have a clear out , make it more cosy
  7. Do something proactive for your local community

We hope this helps bring some extra light to your heart.

Antony Taylor & Alejandra Garcia

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