How To Have A Slightly Better Day

A Terrible Morning Routine 

We may all know about rolling out of bed the wrong way, and the impact this can have on our day. In this video  below JP explains how to have a terrible day. The good news is after this video we will share with you, the best tips we know of, for how to have a slightly better day.

How To Have A Slightly Better Day

These are the 6 possible suggestions for you to try out, to see what works for you.

  1. Breaking The Fast
  2. Hot and Cold Shower
  3. Energy Medicine
  4. Wim Hoff Breathing Technique
  5. Daily Alignment Prayer
  6. Exercise

We will go into each one , in some more detail…

Breaking The Fast

The body has fasted over night, so the best first drink is simply a large glass of warm filtered water, you can add lemon if you wish. Or if you would like to take it a stage further you can bubble hydrogen into the water.  After this make your self a nice cup of tea or bullet proof coffee or what ever you like that brings a big smile to your heart.

Hot and Cold Shower

Hot and cold showers can give you many health benefits such as helping to flush  the lymph system, to flushing minerals around you body, to making you literally feel good. The technique is easy. Start with a nice warm shower  for a few minutes, and then build up to have one minute  turned to cold and alternate back and forth a couple of times. Or you can have a cold plunge pool /paddling pool and then have a nice hot shower afterwards.

Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is one of the best Energy Medicine practitioner we know of, and she has many easy simple routines to follow to help balance the overall energy in the body, this video below gives you a short 5 minute routine. If you like her work, she is worth checking out on YouTube for more similar videos.

Also if you wake up in the middle of the night feeling anxious, you can try some of these gentle movements as your in bed, and see how empowering it is to you, to go from an anxious state to a relaxed state. We believe anxiety is part of your shadow side, that also needs love and addressing, so once you can move your energy from anxiety to calm, your be more able to see clearly what is the root cause of the anxiety and how to evolve through it.


Wim Hof Breathing Technique 

Wim hofs breathing technique is becoming legendary around the world, for probably the reason it is simple and very effective, in this video it will guide you through the breathing method. Every morning we both look forward to doing this practice as it makes such a difference in such a short period of time.

Alignment Prayer 

After you have completed the breathing technique , you will more than likely be in a nice chilled and alert state. From this place find a comfortable sitting position, and really feel what you are grateful for , or what you really appreciate in your life. Then see and feel in your minds eye some of the things that you are going to do in this day, and see it all happening in the way you wish it to be, bless your day and the people in it, with love, joy, humbleness and empathy, or what ever qualities resonate with you.

Also Marisa Peer has a really lovely morning mediation here, if you would like to listen to it.


We have heard from many world renowned health coaches, that doing some strenuous exercise in the morning has a huge impact on releasing stress, increasing those happy chemicals, and helping you to sleep at night. And we would totally agree with this, if you can do some exercise in the morning and add this into your routine, it is another bonus for you to have a slightly better day.  We  know everyone likes different types of exercise, some people going to the gym, some like speed walking, some like having sex. What ever it is, this is about making this morning alignment practice work for you.

Your  Assignment

Your assignment, is to test out, some or all of these tips and see what if any of these tips actually work or not for you. Off course you don’t have to do them all, maybe you just do one or two. The idea is play around with them, and see what works for you.

Some Extra Tips 

  • Occasional say to yourself after your morning routine, if I could do that morning practice again what would of done, to make my morning routine even better?
  • If you wake up early lets say at 4 in the morning, and you maybe over thinking something. This is in some ways the prefect time to listen to a Marisa Peer mediation, as your half asleep and half a wake and the positive messages go into your subconscious mind in a more powerful effective way.
  • Also have some days when you don’t have a practice and compare the different days. The key is that at some point you have a turning point, or major ah ha moment, that instead of your morning practice being a chore or something that you think you should do. That instead you totally see and feel the benefits and it is something you look forward to.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have found this blog inspiring, and that some of these suggestions bring even more joy into your life.

Wishing you have a slightly better day, or even possible a super wonderful day.

Antony Taylor & Alejandra Garcia


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