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After reading Dave Asprey Book called Head Strong. I was inspired to write this blog that contains some of his Tips from his book combined with some of my own tips. I’ve written the tips in a very brief way, as a note form for myself and my readers, so they are easy to read and implement straight away if you wish to.

Yet Dave Aspey Book Head Strong is for-nominal and my blog only touches the surface of the amount of amazing content in his book. I consider Dave Asprey a Pioneering Research Expert into Health, Longevity and Peak Performance in the world. If you like this blog you will love this book.

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Brain Performance

In today’s world sadly we are bombarded by things that, affect our health, and it is often the Brain that shows some of the first signs of a health issue such as …

  • Brain Fog
  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Waking up tired after a long sleep
  • Fatigue during the day
  • Feeling Exhausted
  • Moody/Angry
  • Lack of patience

Many people consider these symptoms normal, and simply give up, about doing anything about them and just live with it.  Yet what I’ve learned from Dave Asprey and many other brilliant Natural  Health Coaches, is that there are many simple amazing ways to hack your brain, so it is functioning at an optimal level. So you have more mental alertness, more physical energy and you sleep better, and in this blog, I will give you 21 of those tips, so here they are…

1.Reduce Small Stresses

Fist off reduce small stresses. Such as…

  • Excessive monitoring of your emails and texts, especially in the evening, and watch the position of your neck when reading messages.
  • Change energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs and tube lighting, to standard soft light, light bulbs.
  • Hold your Mobil phone away from your head when you are talking on it.
  • Any irritating flashing LED lights of noise, and reduce.
  • Become aware of small stresses and how to reduce them

We mention this point, as these stresses can keep you in a fight or flight nervous system. Which compromises your immune system and burns up excessive vital minerals and vitamins, which can cause further health issues.

2.Increase Good Fats

A large part of your brain is made from good fats especially your myelin which insulates the communication pathways between neurons. Cholesterol deficiency is linked to a decline in cognitive function, and a diet high in the right fats shows an increase in cognitive function.

The health tip is to increase healthy Omega 3 oils such a Krill oil, wild caught seafood or Octane Oil.

A note here all seafood contains some small amount of mercury. The health tip is to get fish lower down the food chain such as Sardines, Salmon, Mackerel, Wild Trout, where the mercury is at the lowest level, and by the time you have added in all these other  health tips from this program your body will be able to detox, these toxins and utilise the best parts.

3.Increase Your Gut Bacteria

You may have heard the saying go with “Your Gut Feeling.” Your gut is sometimes referred to as your second brain. One of the best ways to look after your second brain is to feed good bacteria, either through freshly made fermented vegetables or water kefir or a Probiotic supplement.

4.Increase Polyphenol Foods

Foods  which are dark purple, dark blue or dark red  in colour are high in Polyphenols such as  Blueberries, Pomegranates  Grapes and Grape Seeds, Mould free Coffee  Such as Bullet Proof Coffee and mould free  Chocolate ( Such as Raw Organic European Chocolate)

Polyphenols are showing they can help your neurons to grow, they can help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and can protect you from dangerous pathogens and are high in antioxidants.

5.Reduce  Sugar

Sugar decreases the rate of making neurons because it increases the amount of insulin in the bloodstream. It also is the feeds the bad bacteria which causes brain fog. The health tip is to avoid white refined sugar and replace with raw honey or coconut sugar.

6.Reduce Oxidised fats

Fried foods cooked in vegetable oil, corn oil, soya oil, causes inflammation. Virgin Olive Oil is fantastic for Salad dressing, but not to cook with. Coconut Oil is great to cook with.

7.Increase Grounding

Whenever you get the chance walk a few minutes Barefoot on some grass or the Earth. When you do this you discharge electromagnetic stress and absorb the earth frequency of 7.83 HZ which is calming healing and anti-inflammatory.

8.Intermitted Fasting and Food 

Intermitted Fasting has been proven to increase your adult stem cells, reduce inflammation and many other health benefits.

The idea is you have a window of eating food between 10 am and 6 pm and have a Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning around 8 am this way you have a period of 16 hours of fasting.

The plan could be…

  • Wake up 7 am have a pint of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 8 am have a Bulletproof Coffee made with Grass feed butter and Brain Octane Oil.
  • 10 am Breakfast
  • 1.30pm Lunch
  • 5.30pm Dinner
  • Go to bed before 11 pm

This may sound a bit challenging, yet if your goal is to feel good and this works for you, you will have a natural drive to do this.

Brain-Boosting Foods, some foods will boost your brain power up, and other foods can slow your brain function down.

The best first step is to get an intolerance and allergy test, this way you will find out more specifically what foods are causing an issue for you because everyone has slightly different sensitivities.

If you’re looking to save money and not get the food test, the other way you can do this. But this may not be as accurate is noticing that once you eat a food that you’re sensitive too, your heart rate can increase by about seventeen beats per minutes within about 20 minutes of eating that food and you simply need to be aware of listening to your bodies whispers.

Yet certain food cause inflammation to most people which are …

9.Reduce Trans Fats

Trans Fats can cause inflammation in the body and can make your immune system become overactive. Reduce certain foods with Trans Fats such as  e.g. Potatoes Crisps Margarine and many Baked Biscuits and Cakes that contain Trans Fat.

10.Reduce Lactose and Casein

Pasteurised Milk contains Lactose which is a milk sugar many people find this hard to digest, and Casein is a protein in milk that has a similar molecular structure to gluten which also causes sensitivity to many people.

If you are sensitive to Lactose and Casein, it will cause inflammation and it will make polyphenol foods less absorbable.

Yet grass feed butter contains almost no milk protein and no lactose. And because it contains a lot of butyric acid causes an increase in your mitochondrial function and is a food recommended in this program.

11.Reduce Gluten

Gluten acts like glue in the intestine, and irritates the lining of the intestine and can cause the leaky gut syndrome. If you are going to eat bread choose Buckwheat Bread or Sprouted Sour Dough bread in moderation.

12.Reduce Pesticides and Moulds

There are 2 toxins to avoid chemical pesticides such as round up and glyphosate. So choose organic food whenever possible.

The other Toxin to reduce is naturally occurring moulds. Bacteria and Moulds have been fighting a battle between them for billions of years well before we were here. Many moulds on our foods and our environment dampen our immune system.

Here is a list of foods to be aware of, different people have different levels of sensitivities to these Moulds on these foods, so listen to your body if you eat these foods…

Reduce Dried Fruit

Dried Figs dates, raisins generally have a high level of mould, if you get a headache or fatigued.

Reduce Wine and Beer

Wine is often contaminated with mould during the crushing process. And Beer gets its mould from grains. If you are going to drink some Alcohol the healthier option is sulphate free wine or a clear spirit such as Vodka in moderation.

Easy On The Nuts

If nuts are kept in their shell they are less likely to have any moulds, but most shelled nuts have some level of moulds. Again this is not about ruling them out, rather become aware of how they affect you.

13. Leave Out Fake Foods

Avoid artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers and additives such as aspartame, MSG, GMOs and many other additives that sound like they were made by an alien. Most of them cause harmful effects on the brain and this is well documented.

14.Clear Out Heavy Metals

The heavy metals that are harmful to the body are

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Nickel
  • Uranium
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium

Even a small amount of these in your body will affect your energy levels and brain function. You may not be aware of the exposure you have every day with these heavy metals.

Arsenic is in many pesticides, Herbicides, insecticides, paints, and metals. So it shows up in our soil and environment. Arsenic is a neurotoxin and carcinogen. All rice contains some Arsenic, yet brown rice contains 80 times more arsenic. The health tip is, if you’re going to eat rice, buy organic basmati rice, soak it in lots of water, rinse it well and cook it in lots of water, this way you can clear most if not all the arsenic.

Cadmium is used to coat steel plating, but it is being less used now because it has been proven to be toxic.

Lead use to be in Petrol  Paints and Water Pipes. So again because it has been proven to be toxic, it has been thankfully reduced, just be away if you live in an old house and the walls are painted with lead paint.

Mercury is one of the most toxic heavy metals and sadly also most common as it is in the sea water. But it is also in some paints, vaccines, dental fillings, fluorescent lighting, and fungicides.

If you ever see a fluorescent tube light break, run the other way. Or get some safety breathing equipment if you have to clear it up.

If on a mineral test shows up you have a high level of these heavy metals, the best way to detox these heavy metals is to support your own bodies natural detox pathways. You can do this by…

  • Optimize your mineral levels.
  • Have some Hocatt Ozone Session which we offer at The Alchemy Room
  • Saunas Help you naturally sweat out toxins.
  • Chelation Therapy can help clear the heavy metals out.
  • Activated Charcoal.

15.Sleep Like a Lion

Some incredible things happen in your body when you sleep. Your brain goes from your active duties during the day. To the most awesome cleaning lady for the whole body while you sleep.

It has recently been discovered that there are lymph vessels in the brain called the glymphatic system. This system cleans the fluids in the brain and only can work while you sleep because it takes up so much energy. Did you know your brain shrinks by as much as 60 % while you sleep. This helps the fluids to be washed and cleaned. Then the brain goes back to its normal size.

The great news is that all these health tips help you increase your mitochondria function so that the glymphatic system works better, so that means you sleep better as well.

Also, many people report from using these health tips that they need to sleep less and feel more rested.

Good quality sleep improves your health to a massive level. But Bad quality sleeping can comprise your immune system, and it can make pretty much any illness worse.

An extra tip is let a cup of camomile tea cool, and then add a spoon of raw honey and a spoon of brain octane oil this will help stabilize your glucose levels and you also get the ketones from the oil.

16.Mediate Like Monk In Your First Session

In the past mediation was just for hippies. Now, most CEO of large companies use meditation to ease out stress and to help them perform at their best.

There are apps like headspace that can teach you short effective 10-minute meditation which is brilliant, and well recommended.

If you would like to meditate like a seasoned monk in your first session if you download an app called HRV Training and depending what Mobil you have you may need to buy a small finger sensor as well which monitors your heartbeat.

The cool part of this is that as you control your breathing to a calm steady in the breath and a calm steady out breath your heartbeat slows to that rhythm and it is from this steady rhythm that it activates your parasympathetic nervous system you become more relaxed and alert and your stress melts away.

With the sensor, it tells you moment to moment how your breath is affecting your heart and rewards you like a game when you get it right. So very quickly from this biofeedback, you can get to meditate like a monk in your first session.

One of the best simple breathing exercises is…

  • Breath in for the count of 5
  • Hold for the count of 5
  • Breath out for the count of 5
  • And hold for the count of 5

Then repeat this for 5 breaths once a day or as often as you like. These type of breathing exercises are also brilliant just before you go to sleep as it calms your whole nervous system.

17.Exercise Like a Ninja

It is well known that exercise is as effective for treating depression as antidepressants. Depending on your capabilities all forms of exercise have huge benefits.

Yet High-intensity interval training or HITT. Studies have shown it to be 10 times more effective at increasing growth hormones than resistant training or endurance training.

The idea of HITT training is that you go full out for 60 seconds whether your doing push up, star jumps, running on the spot etc. and give a short period to recover , in the recovery stage John Gray discovered if you lie on your back for 90 seconds between the exercises your nervous system comes back to equilibrium and supports the benefits even more.

The other exercise that standout for energizing your cells is using a rebounder/ small trampoline.

18.Reduce LED’s and Blue Light

The quality of light in your work and living space effects your energy. Change all energy saving curly light bulbs to standard old fashioned bulbs.

You can go around your house with either some masking tape or electrical tape and cover any small red, green or blue LED lights, on any electrical devices e.g. television, air conditioning, laptop Wi-Fi Hubs etc.  These small LED lights, bright as they may be, can keep you more in the fight and flight nervous system, softer light is naturally more relaxing.

You can download a free program from and install f.lux. you can do this for your P.C and your Mobil.This helps lower the blue light on your computer in the evenings.  During the day your computer screen looks good and bright, but at  10 pm or 2 am, this can affect your sleep.

In the evening dim your lights at home.

19.Black Out Bedroom

Make your bedroom as dark as possible, use blackout curtains and turn off or cover any LED lights. And use candles if you like, as this is soothing and calming, and switch off your Wi-Fi at night.

20.Wear Sunglasses and a Baseball Cap

If you work in offices that are full of tube lighting and you can’t do anything about it, wear sunglasses and a baseball cap. There was a study done that 6 hours exposure to this unhealthy lighting suppresses your melatonin for 3 hours.

The best brand is called True Dark which filters out this junk light, and they also supply dots that go over LED lights.

So if you feel stressed in these type of environments, wearing these types of glasses and a baseball cap can relax your brain. This is brilliant for long flights to reduce jet lag.

21.Sunlight or UVB Lamp

Too much sunshine can be bad for you, yet too little is also bad for you. The idea is that between 12 and 2 pm to get 30 minutes of sunshine. Yet if you live in the UK during the winter you might not get any so, the recommendation is to get a few minutes on a UVB Vitamin D Light which also lets your skin make vitamin D3, such as this link below.


With these health tips, you’re going to sleep better and have more energy and your brain will be able to function at a higher level.

Yet Dave Aspey Book Head Strong, goes much further, looking into what foods are best for the brain, what supplements strengthen the mitochondria and much more, so I really recommended this book.



To Your Greatest Health & Happiness

Antony Taylor

Natural Wellbeing Mentor

The Ozone Spa


















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