Minerals For Health

Minerals For Health

Minerals are essential to your life, but often, are ignored or misunderstood. Without minerals, your body wouldn’t be able to function properly. There are over 29 minerals divided into two classes – major and trace – based on how much of them your body needs. There are five major minerals in the human body, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, and some of the trace Minerals are sulfur, iron, chlorine, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, iodine, selenium and many more.

Your Mineral Levels and Ratios are one of the most important key foundations for your overall health.Every chemical reaction in your body is based on minerals, so if you’re lacking in them, certain chemical reactions will struggle to happen if at all. Every mineral does a slightly different roll in the body, form Making Strong Bones, Detoxing, Balancing your Hormones, Easing your Stress Levels, Relaxing Tight Muscles, Giving you Energy to Even Helping you Do a Phoo.

Yet the issue is most of our food is seriously deficient in minerals, from over farming,  so most people have deficiencies in their mineral levels and ratios. Yet once these are balanced out with the method here, your energy increase, mental focus goes up, you sleep better, and all health issues improve.

Heavy Metals

There are ever-increasing levels of pollution in our environment, Every person is exposed to pollution to some degree, and these pollutants and heavy metals cause sickness, fatigue, and disease. Certain minerals help to clear these out of the body, but the downside is the heavy metals push the good minerals out of the body, so very quickly this can turn into a downward spiral.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests a link between heavy metals and significant developmental and neurological damage to the brain.

Toxic metals have a negative effect on the healthy development of babies and children and are implemented in a multitude of possible serious health conditions.

Although there is not yet a consensus agreement between medical professionals as to the direct relationship between toxic chemicals and diseases.

There is a lot of evidence that heavy metal toxicity or mineral deficiency can make any health condition wor

Mineral Deficiencies

Here are some examples of Mineral Deficiencies and the negative effect they can have

Weight Issues

Minerals, such as chromium and zinc, if lower than optimal will affect many functions in your body including your taste, and your blood sugar balance. A disruption of either can lead to food cravings and constant desire for sweet foods, making losing weight even harder.


Your energy production is also dependant on minerals, a less than optimal level of minerals in your body can lead to you feeling ‘tired a lot of the time.


Can be caused by excessive minerals, or heavy metals or a deficiency of minerals.



Minerals work synergistically, meaning that too much, as well as too little of one mineral, will affect the functioning of the others.Knowing whether you have too much is as important as knowing if you have too little,

The Answer

We offer a Mineral Test with our Natural Health Program, at “Your Greatest Wealth” and this test is CLINICAL PROVEN to be effective in identifying mineral deficiencies, excess and toxicity.

This is a simple test, where you are sent a form to fill in at home and then you send the form of with a small hair sample.

How does it work

For an ideal sample and to allow for the most accurate results, take the hair sample from the first inch and a half of growth closest to the scalp or at the nape of the neck. Avoid dyed hair for the most accurate results.

Then you send the form and hair sample in the prepaid envelope supplied and then wait for your results to arrive in the post or emailed to you, this normally takes about 10 days but can take up to the maximum of 3 weeks from sending it off.

Once the sample arrives at the laboratory it is prepared for testing by several specialized procedures and then the sample is placed in multiple test tubes. Special acids are then added that begin the breakdown or “digestion” of the hair. These acids combined with a high-temperature environment will allow the separation of the elements contained within your hair protein. Once your hair is completely “digested” only the mineral salts remain. After being put into solution, the minerals are then analyzed by highly sensitive and specialized instruments.

The hair test can check for mineral imbalances and determine concentrations of toxic heavy metal contaminants with a hair sample.

The detailed report including testing and analysis for eight toxic metals along with a comprehensive mineral profile.

  • The results from the hair test are displayed in an easy to read the graph
  • Detailed dietary and supplement recommendations
  • A comprehensive mineral nutritional deficiency and toxic heavy metal report
  • A patient and practitioner report of your metabolic profile.

This is an example of a mineral test result.




The best part of the report is that you get  over 6 pages of personalized health tips on how to help the client rebalance these imbalances

I consider these results like your internal bank balance, your mineral levels, and ratios affect your health and wellbeing in a massive way.

If you would like a mineral test you can get it from the Mineral Check Lab or it is included in our Natural Health Program, if you would like to see what our Health Programs offers to please Click on our Logo Here >>>

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Stay Well and Happy

Tony Be

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