Lacking In Concentration, Muscles Aching, Feeling Exhausted, Having Poor Circulation. We have a treatment for you! OUR TRANSDERMAL OZONE THERAPY CAN HELP...

Here at "The Alchemy Room" Our passion is helping our clients increase their overall well-being. One of the ways we get great results is from our Hocatt Ozone Therapy.

Dr. Herman Spies is an Integrated Medical Practitioner, based in South Africa - he believes that an ozone chamber is much more enjoyable than intravenous ozone therapies but just as effective.

What is transdermal ozone ?

The Hocatt Sauna provides a method of introducing Ozone into the body via the skin. This is called Transdermal Ozone Therapy. The Hocatt system is unique in that it also has a number of built-in features which not only provide ozone but it also provides ultrasonic, electrotherapy, aromatherapy, infra-red and LED light therapy.

When was ozone therapy first used?

Ozone is a naturopathic medicine, and has been used in healthcare since  1885. Modern science is just revealing the vital role that ozone plays in our daily lives, and scientific studies have reported that medical ozone is safe and effective.

To read the history of ozone therapy overview dating back to 1885 , please click this link Scientific And Medical References Proving Ozone's Validity As A Medical Treatment

What are some of health benefits of ozone therapy 

An ozone session is said to aid oxygenation in the body. Many ozone sauna users find their energy levels and demeanour improve.

It can help with reducing swelling and inflammation in injuries, it may improve strength in joints and muscles, and is said to help aid the break down of lactic acid.

It can  naturally calm the central nervous system. Aids in reduction of stress, & helps relax the muscles and the mind

Ozone may help remove toxic lifestyle substances, to prevent the onset of further disease

Ozone is said to help increase blood flow throughout the body to enhance oxygen delivery at cellular level; it is said to aid acceleration of regeneration

Ozone may help improve liver function and chronic digestive issues, which could aid skin conditions and target stretch marks.

Adverse  Reactions

Although adverse reaction hardly ever happen. There are 2 main issues we explain to our clients with using Ozone.

One is that if you absorb too much Ozone or Breath in too much Ozone, you may get a slight dry cough from a few minutes to up to a couple of hours. Yet we avoid this by sealing the chamber so hardly any Ozone escapes and you have a separate Oxygen feed which you breathe in.

If this happens which is very unlikely, this happens because Ozone reacts with the moisture in the mucus of the lungs and it slightly irritates the mucous membranes of the lungs for a very short period.

The second adverse reaction is a rash on the skin, which can last from a few days up to a week and then completely disappear. Again this  hardly ever happens, because we build up the setting slowly.

The reason this happens very occasionally is possible the body is detoxing.

What is Treatment Like?

When you have an Ozone Treatment, you will be asked to change and wrap yourself in a towel which is provided.
Once you are then sitting in the Steam Chamber, you can then open up the towel, so that the maximum amount of ozone can be absorbed through your skin.

The Treatment lasts 30 Minutes and is an enjoyable relaxing experience, sitting in a warm steam chamber.  At any point, the temperature can be increased or decreased to your likening.
Your feet rest on Electro Therapy Plates which gives you a slight tingling sensation to your feet.

Aromatherapy oils can be added to your session if you like, and each oil can add another subtle layer to the therapeutic effects of your treatment.

Also, there is light therapy inside the chamber which you do not see, but because your skin is photosensitive, you will still get the benefits of the light therapy in your treatment.

You will probably notice after your treatment your skin will feel much softer this is because of one therapy inside the chamber is called Co2 therapy which produces something called the Bohr effect which helps stimulates collagen production and helps ease inflammation in the joints.

How does Ozone Therapy Work ?

  • metabolism


    Ozone causes an increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate, a process which leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen released to the tissues. Ozone activates the Krebs cycle by enhancing oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate. This stimulates production of ATP leading to enhanced energy levels and mental vitality. 

  • blood-cell


    In circulatory diseases, a climbing of red blood cells hinders blood flow through the small capillaries and decreases oxygen absorption. Ozone works to reduce or eliminate clumping allowing red cell flexibility and oxygen carrying ability to be restored. Oxygenation of the tissues increases as the arterial partial pressure increases and viscosity decreases. 

  • detox


    Ozone reacts with the unsaturated fatty acids of the lipid layer in cell membranes, forming hydro peroxides. This leads to the elimination if toxins and has a cleansing, invigorating effect on the body.

For a very in-depth look at the HOCATT system, please visit the manufacturer - Signature Health Website. Or please read our blog What Are The Health Benefits of the HOCATT & HU=GO. Also if you're interested in purchasing a HOCATT or HU=GO for your own Spa please contact us for more details.

Important note for legal purposes: Although we will be glad to assess and supervise sessions aimed at improving your well being, we do not 'treat', or aim to 'cure' disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease with a medical origin such as cancer. This law is to protect you from the possibility that, while you are receiving therapy, an illness which may need orthodox medical attention could be getting worse.

Cancellation and Postponements: Cancellations and postponements are sometimes unavoidable, however, it would be appreciated if you could give at least 48 hours notice of a change to your appointment whether that be to postpone/re-arrange or cancel. Notification by email, phone or text are all acceptable methods – I’ll confirm receipt asap. If less than 24 hours notice is given, a 50% charge will apply. If you fail to arrive for your appointment and do not notify me a 100% charge has to apply.

Treatment Prices



  • This is half an hour in our HOCATT steam sauna. Which includes the Ozone ,Photon Light and Electrotherapy.



  • This half-hour treatment specifically targets reducing fat deposit and helps to reduce the appearance of skin stretch marks.

HU=GO PEMF Magnetic Therapy


  • 12 minutes of double layer PEMF. This is the same one Tony Robins uses and is endorsed by some of the worlds best health coaches



  • This is for 5 sessions of the Hocatt Ozone Treatments over a 3 Month period.This works out to be £39 per session.

To Book A Ozone Spa Treatment

To Book an appointment please call Alejandra : 0793 6541620

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