PEMF Magnetic Therapy


The PEMF device we used is called HU=GO, it is the same PEMF the multi billionaire Tony Robins uses, so if it is good enough for Tony Robins, it is good enough for our clients.

What Is PEMF Therapy?

“PEMF” Therapy which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, uses a magnetic fields to treat and stimulate the whole body. “HU-GO” has the world’s first design of so-called “sandwich or taco panels” that is twice as effective as conventional PEMF-therapy.

PEMF induces electrical changes inside and around cells, which affects the behaviour of cells. This leads to better circulation and oxygenation, better transportation of nutrients and increased energy. PEMF also accelerates the healing process, stimulating the body to repair damaged tissue, and helps reduce pain.

History Of PEMF

With a success story's spanning over more than 100 years, PEMF is finally beginning to be recognised by the medical community. The American organisation, The FDA have approved PEMF devices for the following purposes:
⦁ Healing of involuntary fractures (1979)
⦁ Treatment of urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation (1998)
⦁ Patients with cervical spinal fusion (2004)
⦁ Treatment of depression (2006)
In fact, PEMF therapy can offer much more for our body. Even some Olympic teams have started using PEMF therapy to increase productivity, as well as accelerate recovery and treatment between training sessions.

What is A PEMF Treatment Like?

We will firstly ask you if you have any metal in your body, such as metal fillings, if you do have metal fillings we make sure the magnet coils are away from the mouth. If you have metal in a joint or limb we will take extra care. If you have a heart pace monitor suffer from epilepsy this treatment is not recommend for you.

You will then lay down fully dressed on top of a massage table where a magnet coil is resting underneath you, we then rest another magnetic coil on top of you. This simply feels like a blanket on top of you, we then slowly and gradually turn up the strength of the magnetic coil so you start to feel a tinkling effect, after a few minutes the body often adjusts to this strength and at this point, we can turn the strength up or down to your preference. The treatment lasts up to 12 minutes. The secret to giving the best treatment is getting the magnetic coils in the right place for example over a soar shoulder or hip and then getting the strength just right , not to much or not to little.

What Is The Cost Of A PEMF Session?

Hugo PEMF Session


  • 12 minutes
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