Positive Or Negative Which Is Up To 70% More Powerful

Positive Or Negative Which Has Up To 70% More Power?

Negative thinking is probably one of the biggest things people are combating and it simply weaponizes you against you.  If you don’t know if positive thinking works well, you probably know that negative thinking works really well.

What has been shown in research, is that if you say something out loud, it is 10 times more powerful than just thinking it. In the effects it will have on you, and the person your saying it to.

Yet if you say something negative out loud, the negative effect it has on you, and the person your saying it to. Can have up to 4 to 7 times the effect , or putting it into a percentage, up to a 70% increase in negative effects.

You can see clearly  in the Media, from CNN Constant Negative News, The media know only to well, if they report a negative story more people will react to it and be engaged with it. If you compare a positive message against a negative one , the positive one has literally no chance.

It has been shown that. If you watch 3 minutes of news a day , it increases your probability by 27% that you had a shitty day.

The Starting Point 

We are starting here, because , positive thinking is all great, and affirmation are great and visualisations are great. But they are not the starting point.

The starting point is simply saying less negative stuff. Off course if you need to say something e.g. your  in a restaurant and your food is not cooked properly, then you can say something to the waiter or waitress. Yet once it is solved , you don’t need to churn over it again and again and again.

The inspiration for this blog we got from Trevor Moaward, who is one of the Top Sports Coaches in the world. Although he is a sports coach , the insights he is sharing can be so easily translated into health and well-being. Here is his video at the Impact Theory.


Choosing What Feeds You

The other part is that we may all have certain degrees of destructive  vices, from to much smoking, to much drinking, watching to much porn, and these negative traits can have a negative impact on our lives and families. And we are not here saying you should become a celibate monk.

Rather what options do you have when these destructive vices come up in your mind. One option could be as they come ask yourself . Does this serve me?  and what could I swoop this one vice for something slightly better. So if your smoking normal cigarettes with lots of chemicals, what natural non toxic chemical roll ups, our their and research it or would you rather quite click here for this free app . If your drinking to much alcohol, could you change it for non alcoholic version, or instead of having 3 bottles of wine a week, get one really good quality bottle and really sever it. If porn is the issue, work how you can explore tantra sex with your partner , research tantra classes in your area. If your not in a relationship , research ways how to find a super great partner.

In today’s world with the internet , you have access to the best mentors and teachers on the planet. Their are always solutions to common problems, that can take you from a destructive vice , to a place that feeds you in a much more wholesome way.


I don’t know if you have found this to be true. We’ve experienced many times in our lives, that when we have been caught up in our dramas and caught up in the ego , just wanting to prove who is more right than the other, that when we voice this stuff out loud, boy does it amplify it, and lets face it , who likes being around someone off gassing in perpetual grumpiness, especially when your living in England which is rated the grumpiest country in the world.

So we will make a pack with you , if you like to voice less grumpiness, do you agree ?

Wishing you a warmer heart

Tony and Alejandra


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