The Gene That Is Unlocking The Cancer Code

What is In This Blog?

In this blog we will share with you, what does the P53 gene do in your body, and if it is  malfunctioning why does it cause tumours to grow?

Plus some of the findings from 10 years of scientific  research, showing how AIC Therapy has shown in some cases to help to repair a malfunctioning P53 gene.

Why Is The P53 Gene So Important?

All of us have in our DNA a most remarkable gene, it is known as the  P53 gene and one of its job is to protect us from cancer, it is in short the tumour suppressor gene.

Medical science’s have been researching for decades, how to understand what happens in our cells, when cells turn cancerous, what they have found is that, when we are in good health, the P53 gene constantly scans our cells to ensure that when our cells grow and divide as part of the routine of maintenance in our bodies, that all is in good order with the cell to division.

If a cell makes a mistake in copying its DNA during the process of  cell division. The P53 gene stops that cell in its tracks, sending in the repair team before allowing the cell to carry on dividing, or it works out if the cell needs to die and be replaced, as the diagram below.

The Relationship Of Cancer & The P53 Gene 

Cancer cannot develop unless the P53 gene, itself is damaged or handicapped by some other fault in the system.

The P53 gene produces a protein that regulates cell division by keeping cells from growing and dividing (proliferating) too fast or in an uncontrolled way.

The p53 protein is located in the nucleus of cells throughout the body, where it attaches or binds directly to DNA. When the DNA in a cell becomes damaged by agents such as toxic chemicals, radiation, or ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight, this protein plays a critical role in determining whether the DNA will be repaired or the damaged cell will self-destruct and undergo apoptosis , cell death.

If the DNA can be repaired. The P53 gene activates other genes to fix the damage. If the DNA cannot be repaired, this protein prevents the cell from dividing and signals it to undergo apoptosis. By stopping cells with mutated or damaged DNA from dividing, P53 helps prevent the development of tumours.

Ca2+ Optimizes The PH Level

Cancer cells enhance their survival by suppressing the anti-cancer immune response by actively maintaining a slightly acidic micro-environment  of a pH 6.0–6.5, which then leads to loss of T-cell function and serves as a basis, for the establishment of the malignancy and its progression. Cancer cells do this by secreting lactic acid by altering their metabolism. Therefore, cancer-generated lactic acid is a critical, immunosuppressive metabolite rather than a waste product. Ca2+ effectively neutralises lactic acid to ideal  pH 7.4 in the blood to normalise the immune response around the tumour , so the immune system can destroy the cancer cells.

Here below is a video from The Hope For Cancer clinic in Mexico, talking with Doctors about the effects of  AIC Therapy on cancer…

Can You Repair A Damaged  P53 Gene?

Research from Pronuvia has shown the crucial role of Ca2+ (Active Calcium Ions) plays in helping to repair a misfunctioning P53 gene in cancer cells, which then leads to apoptosis of the cancer cell. The introduction of Ca2+ in the cytoplasm of cancer cells frees the P53 gene from NF-kB ( inflammatory responses, cellular growth ) and reactivates it for apoptosis.


I had terminal colon cancer, which was metastasised to both liver and bones. I was devastated and had little hope
when I received radiation therapy twice, and it did not have any effect. I had been taking only a pain killer and sleeping
pills. The cancer level in October 2015 was CEA 200. When I heard about the remarkable effects of MaraGen on cancer
from a close friend, I had to give it a try. I started on it since Oct. 2015, and the cancer level dropped to 49.1. I could not believe it. On February 9, 2016, after taking MaraGen for four months, and all other blood test results showed almost normal. This is truly remarkable.
I am feeling much better and getting better. My cancer is receding!
C. L. – Age 71, Female


MULTIPLE MYELOMA CASE: MOLLY H. (80 F) In the case of an 80-year old lady with last stage multiple melanoma, the road to her full recovery had mixed signals. In the first 3-months of SAC therapy, there was a clear sign that the therapy was working, followed by a dip that seems to indicate that it was not. Because there were some good signs, the second 3-months of treatment were given, which also had ups and downs. However, during the second 3-months period of treatment, there were more positive effects, including her general feeling of well-being.

When Molly had committed to the third 3-months of treatment, her lab results and health steadily climbed up to full cancer remission. Her bone density returned to normal (-0.9) from osteoporosis (-3.4), and the kidney function bounced back up to GFR 60 from GFR 10.

The Truth About Cancer 

SAC Therapy was also  featured in the well-known documentary The Truth About Cancer  by Ty Bollinger, and in this video, is a clip from how SAC  Therapy can possibly help as an adjacent therapy for cancer patients.


I would Like To Know More On AIC Therapy 

AIC Therapy is much more than a standard calcium supplement. If you would like to learn more about AIC Therapy ,we have created page on AIC Therapy if you click here it will take you to our AIC Therapy Page 

Or if you are interested in  AIC Therapy for yourself. AIC Therapy is only available from GP Doctors, Clinics, and Health Care Practitioners, to consenting patients who are looking for an adjacent treatments in healing them selves. At The Ozone Spa we offer AIC therapy to our clients in the UK, if you would like to book a consultation for AIC Therapy please go to our AIC Therapy page by clicking  here.

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We get this questioned asked a lot, so we  have created a page with some of the best Adjacent Cancer Support tips that we know of and if you click this image below it will take you to the Adjacent Cancer Support page.

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