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The Secret

The film The Secret came out in 2007 and it had quite a ripple effect, and even today people are talking about the life-changing effects from that film. The base of the film highlights, The Law of Attraction, which is you attract what you think about. Where you put your intention, your energy goes, and often it turns it into reality.

Although it is a simple concept some people have been using this to gain lots of monetary wealth, which there is nothing wrong with that, yet when it causes a lot of stress and it is not aligned with your heart, this is where I believe people have tripped up, including myself.

Many times I have felt my ego has taken control over my life, looking for status or possessions of material wealth to define who I am. Yet these have been the times in my life when I have felt most down and alone. I know there is nothing wrong with my ego, but when it is out of alignment with my heart this is where that feeling of something missing comes from. And I believe this is the point that they missed out on the film the secret.

Now over 10 years later the same director from the Secret, has brought together another film called The Power Of The Heart. I feel this film will help people to connect more fully with there heart and I know my experience of when I’m aligned with my heart, my life feels really rich with beauty, love, and abundance. I believe this movie has the wisdom in it that will help people connect even more fully to there hearts, and that is why I’m sharing this incredible wise film in my blog.

I’m not going to share all the secrets from the film, but I’ve made a few notes of some of the insights I learned from the film to give you a taste of the film, here they are…

20 Seconds Before Hand!

Did you know your heart has an astonishing power and intelligence! There have been many studies that have proven this. One studied put a random group of people to watch random images, one image after another,  and then they measured their heart rate during the whole process.

Each image produced a different emotional reaction between the brain and the body. The interesting thing they discover is that the heart reacted 20 seconds before to see the next image. If it was a scary image the heart knew 20 seconds beforehand, and the heart beat faster. If it was a beautiful image the heart beat slower and it did this 20 seconds before the image was shown. This is showing your heart has intuition beyond normal space and time.

Why we should be connected to our heart?

There are many reasons to be connected to your heart such as…

  1. Our Heart is our main organ that sends information to our brain for that reason it is the source of our power.
  2. Being connected to your heart can give you the answer to every question you have in your life, it can give you a true connection with your intuition.
  3. Your heart guides you to the deepest part of you, of who you really are.
  4. Your heart is the base to establish good relationships with others, as it must be felt not just thought.

What is the risk to don’t listen to your heart

 If you don’t open your heart, life can feel pretty empty, if you don’t show to the world who you really are you miss the opportunity to shine for yourself and others.

In life, there can be moments of betrayal, of hurt, of abuse and so on. Which in those moments you can close your heart, yet if it is kept close for a long period the price of not opening your heart again is far worst. As you can lose your access to your vitality and you can get immersed in the consumer society, buying things without meaning.

Listening to your heart can be very scary at times because you might need to end a relationship, start a relationship, follow your dreams, take that adventure holiday you are dreaming of and so on, yet if you follow your heart you feel more alive and happy that you have ever have been, mixed with a feeling of being contended.

The Longest Journey

The longest journey you will make it is from your brain to your heart, as it needs discipline, commitment, and love to connect and open those sacred doors of your heart.

The main thing is to do what comes from your heart, live your purpose, do what makes you happy. Sometimes it is worth it to lose your way, to then rediscover your real purpose in life. If you decide to start this journey you have to know that you will lose some things to win some others, as you are not chasing success it may arrive or it may not. Yet what is for sure is that you will be happy in life.

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure” Paulo Coelho.

Fear Or Love

It can be very difficult to remember love when you are in a situation that scares you or stresses you, feeling fear is one of the strongest emotions in the world and it is in those moments when tuning into our heart can help calm our mind and body.

Calmness is one of those secret ingredients in life when we are calm. We can see the options. We can listen to our heart and be guided by our heart.

Often when we face challenges in life, one of the first things that can help,  is to “calm down”  if you don’t know what to do, sometimes the best thing is simply to wait and be still.  Then you can listen to your heart, as your heart has all the answers.

Another thing that can help you open the doors into your heart is  “GRATITUDE” this is a feeling from the heart of giving thanks, that you have already received.

Body Coherence

Body Coherence is when the magnetic pulses of your heart are in sink with the electrical pulses of your brain and they are in steady waves. If you are in a coherent state the signal from the heart to the brain really clear.

Remember no matter what challenges you are facing the heart is saying: believe me, I will be with you and we will get through this.

The mind is normally always judges, but with the eyes of the heart, the white and black judgments fade’s away and the deep truth of resting in your heart is revealed

When you can feel really deep thanks for everything and love without conditions then you are free, that IS THE POWER OF THE HEART.

So what helps

  • All traditions speak about the value of meditation
  • Don’t take everything so serious
  • Have fun, joy, happiness even in challenges
  • Be a child to connect with your heart
  • Be delighted by Synchronicity as they are miracles
  • Cultivate the quality of calmness.

The Questions?

As you ask better questions you get better answers, and there are certain questions that can be very powerful to ask your heart such as…

  • What do I really want?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What qualities do I look for in a friend?
  • Who I’m I?
  • What qualities do I give in a good relationship?
  • What are my talents or skills?
  • How can I use my talents to help humanity?
  • What do I take on that is not me?
  • Where do I say Yes, when I mean No?
  • Where I’m am I still pleasing people?
  • I’m I doing things because I’m scared I might be criticized if I don’t do them?
  • Is this loving towards myself?

How Can I Watch The Film?

You can watch The Power Of The Heart on Amazon and if you click the image below it will take you straight to the right page.

I hope you got some insights into The Power Of Your Heart and if you would like to watch the film, please click on the image

Tony & Alejandra


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